Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book just for people with dental background?

It has some great information for dental professionals and is backed by references and resources provided in the end notes section. It is also not too "science-y" for the person who is not a dental professional, they will learn a lot too!

I am a dental professional who wants to run a book club at our clinic. How can I do that?

We have compiled a kit that furthers the learning process when it comes to oral health education. Get in touch on the contact page to order your kit that contains:
1. Books for each participant (purchased at reduced cost).
2. Worksheet with discovery questions for each chapter to enhance learning.
3. Professional Social Media posts for each chapter's discovery. These may be posted on Social Media platforms and to engage participants and educate audiences.

How will a person who is not familiar with dental lingo find value in the book?

Definitions, analogies and explanations and strategies are provided for individuals without a background in dental sciences. They will most certainly find value in its content.

Does the book give practical solutions that can be implemented immediately?

Most certainly! And to support that end, it provides some great talking points to discuss with your dental care provider to suit your specific needs.