Get Your Spit Together!

Your saliva may hold the secret to better dental checkups.

Dental professionals read and collect 4 CE!

The inspiration for the book, Get Your Spit Together, arose out of the lack of practical advice available in a book format about oral health; particularly, with regard to saliva.

Most dental and healthcare professionals know that the quality and quantity of saliva greatly affects oral health and subsequently affects overall health.

Readers with or without dental background will benefit from the authors' expertise and research in each chapter of the book.

Get Your Spit Together! is a collaboration of North American Registered Dental Hygienists that are passionate about oral health!

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CE Content Overview
The quality and quantity of a person's saliva can be a crucial component in achieving and maintaining oral health. Very few patients are aware that they may have control over their saliva. A number of factors contribute to one's success in managing and overcoming challenges with dental caries, periodontal disease and other dental diseases and conditions.

Dental biofilm, nutrition, acidity, xerostomia, mouth breathing, and other topics are discussed in this publication written by Registered Dental Hygienists from across North America. All of the topics relate to improving the quality and quantity of saliva in the oral cavity. Risk factors and remedies are discussed in each one of the evidence-informed chapters within the book, Get Your Spit Together. When it comes to oral health, "spit matters".

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
1. Gain understanding about health-promoting bacteria, disease-causing bacteria and the challenges that present when dysbiosis occurs in the oral cavity. 
2. Realize how localized and systemic nutrition may affect one's saliva and promote disease or health in the mouth.
3. Learn how lack of saliva contributes to poor oral health outcomes, and how the condition is diagnosed and managed. 
4. Discover the causes and effects of acidity and how to balance the mouth's pH to improve dental outcomes. 
5. Understand how orofacial myfunctional disorders contribute to chronic mouth breathing and its detriment to oral and overall health. 
6. Explore the adjunctive use of Oral Probiotics and how they can tip the balance toward better oral and systemic health. 
7. Facilitate improved communication between patient and provider by opening up the conversation to the influence of saliva on individual outcomes. *Includes discussion on pediatric and geriatric demographics.

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